Mystical Dark Symbolism Painting By Tomasz Alen Kopera

Mystical Dark Symbolism Painting By Tomasz Alen Kopera Tomasz Alen Kopera was born in Kozuchow, Poland in 1976. He attended the University of Technology in Wroclaw, where he gained a degree in Engineering. Tomasz paints in oil on canvas. Human nature and the mysteries of the Universe are his inspiration. Each painting motivates thought, challenging our …

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Information message: (go to this 2802S Blog!-Put the like & comment) my Russian friend has told me a very sad new arrival these days in his country, which is dear to me; If you do not mind, and if you have an instant to go to his blog. I will be happy that we all sympathize with the grief of these bereaved families. To pray for those burned people and their missing children in this horrible disaster! I thank you with all my heart. Vanina

R.I.P. Another 64 Of Which 41 Are The Children

Evocative Image of Rose Embers

Evocative Image Of Rose Embers. on This gorgeous image of the dying embers of a bouquet of roses, titled “The Ash,” was meticulously crafted by the creative team at Ars Thanea. See how they did it. “We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do. Luckily, if we have enough patience, …

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