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‘A terrible situation of social injustice has overwhelmed me for 4 years!

I live in a small village in the Var (Varages) south of France where I do not never see anyone (I am hyperaccousic which forces me to live recluse away from the noise). Also of human stupidity.

I like to say that I feel like a citizen of the world.

After a serious accident, I remained semi-disabled and visually impaired:

In addition to all these diseases mentioned, I unfortunately accumulate other diseases!

I continue to put my energy into my Scopic Impulse art blog. If you like this blog help me to continue to promote artistic content!

Following a court decision, I was placed under a tutelage that I deem “abusive”, and this tutelary organization that I describe “mafia”, profits, threaten me, and controls the management of my bills: food, internet, etc.
An amount of 110 euros per month only, in all to live; However, my disability allowance is almost 900 euros.
It’s a dictatorship.

Since closing my bank account, no more credit card. No more pocket money. (Where has the last four years gone, the rest of my allowance?)

I would like to pay a lawyer and find people who could provide me with physical help to find more decent living conditions.
Because my home is not equipped. What I will need and have not had since leaving hospital:
washing machine, linens, bedding, clothes, shoes / roof repair that collapses, because of water seepage into the living room / garbage removal, cleaning etc.
Just so that my apartment is better adapted to my minor handicaps.

In addition, unfortunately our couple was forced to separate because of our multipathological states and our respective handicaps.

I live alone now without help in a near poverty, my husband having been hospitalized for 4 years.

I look forward to the return of my companion and his exit from the hospital (which is in Brittany at a little more than 11 h 6 min (1 196,8 km), again no one to help us repatriate!
we could finally find ourselves and succeed in our rehabilitation at home, with all that is supposed to bring us a little more comfort, autonomy and dignity.

These years have been marked by pain, anxiety, trauma, total loss of benchmarks, psychological suffering, and ongoing struggle against death.

Our situation became very precarious and led us to isolation, to despair.
By the fault of unscrupulous acts of persons: curators / tutors, working for private organizations, mandated by judges and giving them all power.

A deplorable political system; malfunction of the Ministry of Health and Justice.
But above all a shameful marginalization and the lack of protection of people in difficulty (or vulnerable) from the French social services.

For years we have been deprived of everything a human being needs.
We are two artists and before this series of catastrophic events, we had to get married.

Now, it’s like we’re not alive anymore; our bodies are painful, fragile, helpless. Our lost minds are like something that floats above our body envelope. We are in shock!

We were a fusional couple and we were happy, but we were envied!
Then, there was a powerful spell, which was trying to separate us.

Our life has become an abyssal emptiness and a frightening sense of brutal violence has taken hold of us.
The fear of never seeing each other again is a true crucifixtion.
This doubt haunts us at the rhythm of our heart.
Joy is only an immaterial memory.
Happiness, a dream that is no longer accessible to us.

Imagine how much we would need to heal, rebuild …
How much time do we have left? start repairing our damaged bodies and soothe our tormented minds.

How to protect us from malicious people or legally mandated associations that divert money from the benefits we should receive!

As for family and friends, their total lack of support has also overwhelmed us.
Conversely, they showed persistent interest in gossip, rejection and denial.

Overwhelmed, frustrated, stripped, without means of defense; With the incisive idea of ​​imagining the death of the other, we went straight to hell!

Nevertheless, to survive we kept hoping that one day we would be united in maintaining love as spiritual food.
we will be together again, we will have to compensate for this cruel separation of our two bruised souls, and to start over…

I appeal to your donations, help, or any other proposals (eg: friendship, medical advice ..) and your generosity.
Please, make a move if you can! Help me.

Thank you for all our heart! Vanina Lys

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