Nathan Coley’s amazing light installations

Nathan Coleys Amazing Light Installations British seaside towns are often associated with retirement and the idea of a “last resort”. The melancholy of these locations is touched upon by Nathan Coley’s illuminated text sculpture, Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens, seen against the sky in Tontine Street. While formally suggesting the expectation of […]

Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer

Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer artists on Tumblr, Behance Victoria Siemer, known as Witchoria, is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, who has made a new series of pictures in which she integrates square figures reversing the landscape and the nature. Victoria Siemer, or rather Witchoria, explains on her blog that her pictures […]

Generative Illustrations By Janusz Jurek

Generative illustrations by Janusz Jurek on Behance Polish designer Janusz Jurek has specialized in digital art and illustration over the years. His more recent work involves a lot of generative illustration. Unfortunately, he didn’t document his working technique, so we can only take a wild guess and imagine that he works with some programming tools. […]

The Bold Minimalist Style of French Artist Malika Favre

The bold minimalist style of french artist Malika Favre on twitter and instagram. Malika Favre is a French Illustrator based in London with a penchant for the “Less Is More” maxim.  Looking at her body of work this becomes visibly apparent as illustration after illustration displays vivid colors & patterns across swathes of negative space.  The combination […]

Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos

Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos Hélène Boutanos is the French illustrator who hides behind the project Parties Nobles. It’s a series of erotic illustrations playing, with subtlety, with the gastronomic vocabulary, staying politically correct. Prints are available here. (h/t:Fubiz)

_NSFW_ Impressive Erotic Illustrations Of Apollonia Saintclair

 Impressive Erotic illustrations Of  Apollonia Saintclair  on Tumblr – Behance –Society6  Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure. As a long-time resident of the Old World, I split my time between the kitchen and my studio.’ Apollonia Saintclair. She creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes. Apollonia Saintclair, the artist who’s collected thousands […]

Delicate Paper Art by Pippa Dyrlaga

 Delicate Paper Art by Pippa Dyrlaga To check out more of Pippa Dyrlaga’s work, visit her Facebook page, her website, and @BearFollowsCat on Instagram.

The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations by Grégoire Guillemin

The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations  on Behance Characters from pop culture also have dark secrets and private life that it’s finally possible to discover through a series of paintings made by Grégoire Guillemin. Inspired by Lichtenstein Pop Art style, he reveals the behind the scenes through a very graphic and colorful series.

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Different Animals Out of a Combination of 13 Perfect Circles

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Different Animals Out of a Combination of 13 Perfect Circles Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Everyone’s favorite blue bird—the Twitter logo—has a well-kept secret hidden in its design: the iconic character was created using 13 perfect circles that overlap and comprise its graceful curved wings and upward gaze. Inspired by this little-known […]

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