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Welcome and Bienvenue


French Magazine of Art and Visual Culture.

Design, Photography, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Animals, Dark art,  & more.

Passionate art website to offer you carefully selected quality content in many areas of contemporary art.

Promote and publish  so, inspiring artists from around the world! (nsfw) *Recommended for connoisseurs of all creative eclectism.  

“Via” are not allowed warning. Thank you.

  • Professional Art Blog –@scopicimpulse
  • Vanina Lys- Suard Ridings – Founder

 French Curator of Artistic Content

  • Creative Artist, painter and sculptor.
  • I’m French trained clinical psychologist.
  • I’m proud to be vegan (un monde végan sans crime, ni cruauté)
  •  I am semi-handicapped and partially visually impaired; but I put all my energy to the content curation from my Scopic Impulse blog and my art. (digital artworks on behance)

. Support Me


‘A terrible situation of social injustice has overwhelmed me for 4 years!

After a serious accident, I remained semi-disabled and visually impaired:


If you like this blog help me to continue to promote artistic content!


Thank you for visiting and support this website.



10 thoughts on “About & Support Me

    1. 04/01/2018

      Thanks and welcome!
      Name blogs to make them known as you do it’s generous and bright!
      I had an identical idea. I will put this up soon!
      Come see us, more often Trina
      Vanina Lys

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, I thought your message was starting badly …
      Since I decided to publish more obscure current works, I am unfortunately obliged to argue quite regularly, some importunate dissonants, so as to silence these rude ignorant!
      Today, I was surprised to receive a nice compliment in the end!
      It is definitely more pleasant.
      I thank you, being very touched by this delicate attention and congratulations congratulations for your outstanding blog, too.
      I hope to read you soon because we must always find time for the things we love!


    1. Thank you very much Anna Powaska!
      It’s nice to notice.
      I’m glad you like it, so I’m sure you have a good taste, ah ah…
      Try this theme if you want but the sidebars are not practical.


      Liked by 1 person

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