Help me: My life looted, destroyed by judge, doctor, curator! Deprive of money. No justice to defend myself, I live in misery.

Help me:
My life looted, destroyed by judge, doctor, curator!
Deprive of money.
No justice to defend myself, I live in misery.

_My story

A terrible situation of social injustice has afflicted me for several years!

I live in a small village in the Var in the south of France (I am hyperacousique, which forces me to live away from noise, but also human stupidity).

After a serious accident, I became semi-disabled and visually impaired.

Following a court decision, I was placed very quickly under curatorship, which I describe as “abusive”. see the link: spoliation-deshumanization-the-nightmare-of-guardianships

Since the closing of my bank account: no more credit card. No more pocket money. (Where does my disability allowance go for 800 euros?)

This tutelary organization that operates as a “mafia” takes advantage of my money, threatens me, terrifies me, humiliates me and controls the management of my bills: food, pharmacy, Internet, etc.

For months now this curator has not paid my food delivered by the grocery store, and no longer reimburses the doctor!

I would like to be represented by a lawyer, contact a journalist, find people who could provide me with physical help (for repairs) and help me to restore more decent living conditions: for a minimum of comfort, autonomy and dignity; because the apartment (I will soon be expelled) is not equipped.

I would like to recover what I lost during my last move, when I left the hospital: furniture, bed, dishes, clothes, linens, etc.
So that my home is better adapted to my minor handicaps.

I would like to be entitled to urgent dental care … consult an ophthalmologist to make me make glasses, see an orthopedic surgeon etc … My health deteriorates …

I live alone now without help in near-poverty, my husband being hospitalized for more than 4 years. I can not go down the stairs of this building, with my wheelchair.

These years have been marked by pain, anxiety, trauma, loss of bearings, physical and psychological suffering.
My situation became very precarious, led me to despair.

By the fault of unscrupulous acts of people; curators, doctors, working for private organizations mandated by the judges, who give them all power.

This political system is deplorable; it is a malfunction of the Department of Health and Justice.
But above all, I denounce this shameful marginalization and lack of protection towards people in difficulty (vulnerable) from the French social services.

I am deprived of everything a human being needs for so many years …

My life has become a nightmare …
Nothing is accessible to me. No support from the family … Only rejection and denial.

An example:

Under the pretext of cleaning / deratting the apartment when I was hospitalized; the curatorship sent so-called “cleaners” who actually took everything: drugs, personal items; jewelry, glasses, towels, computers, hair dryers, shampoo, soap etc. In short, I have nothing! In addition they have removed 1200 euros on my pension!

The worst is their threats of confinement in psychiatry where the doctors had already drugged me without my knowledge.

When the agent comes to visit me, she is accompanied by firefighters, a representative of the town hall, and a guard: they are ready to smash my door as usual!

I am terrified, exhausted …

For me every day are alike; No more parties, no birthday, no new year to wish, no gifts to offer to the beloved!

Overwhelmed, frustrated, robbed, without a defense; I’m really in hell!

I still put my energy into my Scopic Impulse art blog.

I appeal to your solidarity, to your help, your friendship, or any other proposal; if you can to lead me me to a lawyer, journalist, doctor, housing, dentist etc

Thank you for your support!

Vanina Lys

– Contact:


2 thoughts on “Help me: My life looted, destroyed by judge, doctor, curator! Deprive of money. No justice to defend myself, I live in misery.

  1. This treatment is nothing short of disgusting, disgraceful, and illegal. Strongest action would be a great idea. I wish I were a millionaire to facilitate it, and take these ghastly people to the cleaners!

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    1. Thank you! I am very bad to show my situation in public, I am confused, but it is that I have nobody to discuss it; and it gnaws at me from within, as if I had a shameful disease, France today and its corrupt policies dig the gap between the rich and the poor, and no one has Christian blood!

      Liked by 1 person

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