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Amazing Sculptures From Scrap Metal by John Lopez


Amazing Sculptures From Scrap Metal by John Lopez

John Lopez, the sculptor who recycles farm machinery parts. Originally from the state of South Dakota, John Lopez is an American artist raised in a ranch, who transforms pieces of scrap into animal sculpture. After starting to carve bronze, our cowboy is now specialized in making iron works.

He makes amazing large, often life-size sculptures, which are a celebration of the American Old West. It was during his time working with bronze that he found a new vocation, still in sculpting, but this time working with scrap metal. In his own words he said « I am never bored! I look forward to each new creation, and it is helping me grow and develop as an artist. »

Bear, buffalo, horse … The artist makes life-size animal sculptures using abandoned agricultural machinery parts. Residing on a ranch where the nearest town is 40 km away, the artist recovers pieces of metal around him and can also count on his friends and acquaintances to bring him this indispensable raw material to create new sculptures. .

H/T: John Lopez Studio




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    1. I like to transmit forever. it’s a neccessity that has become a job / passion for over twelve years.
      I admire the work of the artists their technique and ingenuity, it reflects so much our time: I find that in general people do not care enough about it …
      Here on wordpress I am disappointed to see all this repetitive displays of personal poems or even photographers often very talented. But nothing is sufficiently varied or eclectic: there is only that which opens the mind for me! To be interested in others; represent them for you to discover them. A dose of healthy curiosity to understand the extent of artistic creation.
      Thank you

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