Lake Michigan Looks Stunning as Frozen Ice Breaks into a Million Pieces


With the onset of spring, Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes of North America has turned into a beautiful piece of art. Ice shards have filled the lake with frozen ice breaking into a million pieces. The ice pieces look stacked up together putting up a stunning sight at South Haven. It looks like a collection of beautiful blue tiles from afar. Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard has told residents to watch the scene from a distance and not enter the lake.

According to US Coast Guard’s site says, « No ice is safe ice especially this time of year. The ice is certainly deteriorating and breaking up. » Earlier this month, fifty-six percent of Lake Michigan was covered by ice. The town of Petoskey in Michigan had attracted hundreds of people when a life-sized statue of Jesus Christ on the cross submerged in Lake Michigan became visible.


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  1. Good to see you back around and to bring these magnificent pictures! Thank you. Anyone who says that Nature is NOT the best artist – hasn’t opened their eyes!


  2. Oh such amazing photos! I love these. The ice covered lighthouse is spectacular. My sister lives very close to Lake Michigan. I’ve never seen it in winter so this was a real treat!


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