Dreamlike Animals: Whimsical Photo Manipulation By Julien Tabet

julien.tabet_21224630_115984675771988_6759528433635557376_n - Copiejulien.tabet_21294391_261500371025973_5541637005986758656_n - Copiejulien.tabet_22069316_1591252850949517_2476463342416297984_n - Copiejulien.tabet_21107860_691443251059709_5471440146400280576_n - Copiejulien.tabet_22352228_289337058220290_2720952135243005952_n - Copiejulien.tabet_26869683_2121533741424568_6368929148366225408_njulien.tabet_-1068x763julien.tabet_26157171_185573532178478_6966334046695587840_njulien.tabet_23099028_1741410149487412_2179420213064237056_n - Copiejulien.tabet_26866356_1102167066587854_4287762084634034176_njulien.tabet_25026199_161699451130467_3912646238071160832_n - Copiejulien.tabet_26307672_539150423138051_4601908658522030080_n - Copie

Dreamlike Animals: Whimsical Photo Manipulation By Julien Tabet.

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Fantastic creations by Julien Tabet, talented 20-year-old digital artist from France whose works are characterized by a fantastic and surreal atmosphere.

In addition to mastering this tool to perfection, the young man is endowed with an overflowing imagination that allows him to give life to wonderful creatures from crosses between several animal breeds or natural environments.

The result, all in poetry and lightness, is appreciated without moderation. To discover all the creations of Julien, go to his account

h/t: photogrist

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If you leave a comment: the weird work of artists deserves respect. Even if it disturbs you or surprises you, refrain from any opinion, if you are not a connoisseur in the arts. Please, keep your prejudices, misinterpretations or non-constructive remarks, as well as that a narrow mind or manichaean. Opt for an objective analysis of the artwork and an understanding of the author's intentions. @Scopic Impulse

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