Surrealist and Macabre Sculpture by Rebecca Stevenson

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Surrealist and Macabre Sculpture by Rebecca Stevenson


Rebecca Stevenson is an artist living and working in London. She is best known for her visceral and baroque sculpture in resin and wax.

“My work is concerned with the visceral and the sensual. It draws upon anatomical drawing and botanical illustration, but occupies a liminal territory between scientific enquiry and the subjective, imaginary body.”

Stevenson’s work investigates the relationship between innocence, consumption and desire. In each piece, a sculpted animal is cut, manipulated and refigured. These interventions result in outbursts of colour and texture, twisting the material or “flesh” of the sculpture into forms resembling flowers or fruit.

Drawing on the traditions of vanitas and still life, her work explores the contradiction inherent in the “nature morte“, in which transient everyday objects – bread, meat, flowers, fruit – are immortalised and elevated by the processes of art. Rebecca Stevenson


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