Discover The Photographs Of Artists Rats By Ellen van Deellen

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Discover The Photographs Of Rats Artists By Ellen van Deellen

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Dutch photographer and artist Ellen van Deelen has created series of photos: with musicians rats, and scenes of lives of our daily life.
As the main characters were his pets Moppy, Witje and Rosie.
One day, Ellen saw a mini guitar playing in the shop window, and immediately she presented the picture of her two students as musicians. Not without reason the rats in their mental development are considered to be one of the closest to humans:
Moppy, Witje and Rosie, under the direction of the hostess, quickly learned to take tools and pose in front of the camera. It should be noted that Ellen herself loves music, likes to play violin and guitar. In the photos, the rats appear in images so beautiful and very touching.
“They are very smart and respond to their names – said Ellen – they are very beautiful models, who are always aware of what I want from them during the shoot.”These images of photographer Ellen van Deelen of rats playing instruments put music in our ears. We imagine them in a group of miniature rodents, maybe jazz or funk – and in a hilariously weird way. 

.She claimed her pets are very clever who picked up the knack in no time.

“They know exactly how to pose and both are really talented actors. We have a really good understanding. They always know what I am saying.”

Watch a video about the rat’s abilities!




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10 thoughts on “Discover The Photographs Of Artists Rats By Ellen van Deellen

    1. Voilà raison evoquée … 2 betes a cornes qui se rencontre … ceci dit sans insister outre mesure cela serait mal venu, je ne suis pas fan de tout … oui culture trop academique sans doute … bonne journée


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