Sensational Recycled Clothing art By Guerra de La Paz

“Snakecharmer” Portrait
«  Sealing the Deal« 
« Atomic »
« PowerTies » detail
“Three Graces”
« Pieta »
« Indochine Bonsai Tree »
“Ring Around the Rosy”
« Mort »
« Ascension »
“Dueling Snakes” 


« Saisons  Bonzais »



Sensational Recycled Clothing art By Guerra de La Paz

Guerra de la Paz is an artistic collective of two artists of Cuban origin, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Working in Miami, Florida, since 1996, the duo seeks to use innovative and unconventional materials. They are oriented towards the world of textiles recycling clothes through compositions by volume. These “sculptures”, yet very aesthetic, are not provided meaningless and often reinterpret classic works or deliver social or political messages, not hesitating to criticize the consumer society.

Arranged together en masse, however, they become part of a larger message, raising their voices in unison regarding issues of mass consumption, international conflict, and environmental degradation.

Guerra de la Paz’s experiments with what it dubs “mass-produced refuse” are often unsettling, if not outright disturbing—and deliberately so. Whether fashioned into a sinister familial tableau, rainbows weeping swathes of color, or a pair of necktie vipers poised for attack, Guerra and de la Paz’s three-dimensional textile collages are as thought-provoking as they are visually arresting.

“Through a common aesthetic, we create work with a universal message,” note the duo. “It is inspired by an essential familiarity with the readymade and the archeological qualities that found objects possess.”


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6 réflexions sur “Sensational Recycled Clothing art By Guerra de La Paz

  1. Yes, these artists are very talented.
    It’s hard to talk about serious topics, they are both subtile, frontal and very invested.
    Who cares for the memory of all these soldiers never returned from their service rendered; certainly not the politicians.
    Maybe is it a bit awkward to have made this publication, for some who do not understand that there is nothing to take lightly in fact it’s the opposite.


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