Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões (nudity content)






Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões

I’m not sure what it is about our nature that makes us constantly want to mutilate faces — and maybe that is just the simplest explanation for all of our recent zombie activity — but sometimes there’s just nothing more carnally fulfilling than running paper faces under an acid bath of collage, painting, mixed media, whatever.
Brazilian artist Lucas Simões burns photographic portraits, to give them such personality that their remains sometimes come across as grotesque three-headed beasts (ausência series) and sometimes remind us of sparking memories of the past (quem brinca com fogo series).
It takes skills to draw such diversity from such a simple and carnal concept, and for it to evoke such a suprising range of emotions, including sadness, fear, and compassion.

9 réflexions sur “Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões (nudity content)

    1. Oh, that’s reassuring;
      thank you for your openness!
      It is obvious that this does not please everyone!
      Here on my blog it is not unanimity.
      Art must provoke emotions, it is necessary to be disturbed in our way of perceiving things. To make a better interpretation of the works. See further than appearances.
      But I am used to seeing all styles of art; I am always fascinated by uncommon and simple techniques, because they have existed for longer than we think!

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    1. Hello
      « You have decided to write » to say what you like or not …
      Very well.
      But when did I ask you to talk about your taste?
      Never … it seems to me.
      I had however stipulated above buttons sharing: stay cool and fair play, have an open mind etc …
      You did not pay any attention to it.

      Submit an opinion so as to argue your comment about the work of an artist … and say in a derogatory, frontal and uninhibited way:
      this or that does not please me; is totally subjective.

      That makes all the difference!

      You have the right to think what you want, but do not say it openly.

      Because it is:
      to allow you to criticize something that bothers you,
      who for lack of imagination, prevents you from seeing beyond appearances.
      It is also to think that your opinion is of some value, because you believe it to be legitimate.

      How could a secular opinion appeal to me?
      I attribute more « like » per intention of support, from blogger to blogger.
      But you would be naive to assume that I liked all your posts because I put « likes »!

      If I had to stay in your mind of criticism, maybe then I’ll have to tell you, also that I do not like your little personal drawings.
      That maybe, I had to tolerate your indelicacy to emit your thoughts to each post, without humor, nor lightness.

      To conclude, what stands out from your thoughtful action;

      Your obvious tendency towards egocentrism, judgment and, consequently, the fact that you will never be able to access
      to art, nor even to discern its meaning.

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