Storytelling Animals Portraits by Josie Morway






















b6cfffbb51b1572d9739e3ab764b0c62Storytelling Animals Portraits by Josie Morway

Josie Morway is an artist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. For her enchanting oil paintings Josie combines her background in graphic design and illustration with her passion for telling stories. Josie on her process:

“I draw inspiration from the bits of word and phrase that bombard us daily in the form of faded ad murals, snippets of overheard conversation, the near-illegible promises of old signage. Stories defined as much by the info they lack as by what they present. Using animals as the main characters in my narratives, I’m able to explore gestures, postures and expressions that are both familiar, universal and still sometimes as ambiguous as those partial verbal messages. For the last year or so I have been working steadily on a project I’ve titled ‘Untame vs. The Domesticati’: a series of paintings that examine the themes of domestication and wildness through symbols relevant to both wildlife and human society.”

12 thoughts on “Storytelling Animals Portraits by Josie Morway

    1. Well, now you are one of those who understand, so if you want to help again: become a vegetarian and more.
      ps If one day you have news of the driver who killed an angel because the animals are angels; you will see that misfortune has happened to him: for by killing a being innocent he was cursed.

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    2. Of course you are not the only one to think so!
      It is essential to think as you do! To have pity on the weaker is a virtue, a wealth.
      Wanting to help a wounded living being must be a priority; and your heart is not wrong.

      Be proud of it, those who did not help you; these others are blind, deaf and poor; they lack courage.


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