Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

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Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

Roberto Ferri is an Italian fine art painter whose work is fortement inspired by Baroque painters (i.e. Caravaggio). With his technic and skill, you get sense of the grand romantic biblical themes, however he blends twisted absurdities and the imagery of torture in his epic pieces.

Roberto Ferri is known for his poetic imagery imbued with references to Baroque painters such as Caravaggio and other old masters of Romanticism. His work focuses on the coexistence of good and evil, sacred and profane in both our daily life and our subconscious. In this light, the emotional intensity of his depictions reveals an attempt to connect the parallel dimension, where his almost-theatrical representations take place in a socio-psychological present. The psychological aspects of his figures are projections of different phases that the human soul goes through during its ongoing transformation. The subjects of his paintings are isolated from the distractions of the outside world- completely absorbed in a metaphysical vortex of their own feelings. As the artist further explains: “Each of my paintings carries a message containing symbols and allegories whose interpretation depends on the viewers: the message travels in two opposite directions concerning both intellectual tension and perception.”

8 réflexions sur “Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

    1. Thanks,
      you have to keep an open mind; it is only the fruit of the imagination of many artists who love provocation, consciously or not, and for many connoisseurs; are the most honest in their approach and the most recognized!
      Attention there is a lot more shocking.
      Art is not adapted to all mentalities,
      because he is without limit.

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