Strange and Beautiful Portraits Of Kim Byungkwan

 Strange and Beautiful Portraits Of Iconic Starlets By Kim Byungkwan

via Behance
 Time to look at some weird portraits where you can’t really see the faces – as if someone had deliberately messed them up so they couldn’t be recognized. But they didn’t. Kim Byungkwan from Korea intentionally paints portraits with a kind of distorted reality. He aims to create “strangeness from familiarity”. Everyone expects to be able to see the face on a portrait, so Kim decided to free himself up from this convention and show us something a little different. His pictures are pretty strange and bizarre – but that’s exactly the way he wants them to look. Sure it’s nice to see the same kind of stuff that we’re familiar with, but it keeps us from discovering anything new. “My work is trying to destroy, tear up, and reconstruct this habitual vision so that our vision can be extended to other images,” says the artist. (h/t: dailybri )

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