Minimalist Watercolours paintings by Elicia Edijanto


Minimalist Watercolours paintings by Elicia Edijanto

on Behance
Black and White Watercolors of Children with Animals by Indonesian Artist Elicia Edijanto. She does a magnificent job of bringing these fascinating minimalist paintings to life.  Most of them feature a relationship between one animal and one person.  Even though the paintings do not have a lot of detail, they manage to get across the closeness and the tenderness of the encounter.

8 réflexions sur “Minimalist Watercolours paintings by Elicia Edijanto

  1. These paintings speak to me in a way that watercolor paintings seldom do. They seem to reflect a certain primordial feeling, as if there were immense, powerful forces just at the edge of our imagination that we can have fleeting contact with. For me at least they seem like archetypal encounters between animal nature and a childlike questing mind. I love them!


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