Orphaned Raccoon Lives With Dogs, Thinks She’s One Of Them



  • Watch the video:


9 réflexions sur “Orphaned Raccoon Lives With Dogs, Thinks She’s One Of Them

  1. So cute! I had a litter of racoons, and their mom, living in a drainage pipe behind my house once upon a time. It was so cute to see mom bring her brood across the front porch to partake of the cat food I left out for a stray cat that was thinking about living with us. I could never get pictures, she always came at dusk and there wasn’t enough light.
    Pumpkin is a very lucky little ‘coon.


    1. Oh dear Jan, You have beautiful stories…
      If you have enough photos you can publish one of your stories.

      Yes it is rare, the raccon are hyperactive and violent but he was adopted very young: he less the wild instinct. And he reasons like dogs.
      It makes you want.


  2. twoshoes4u

    Thank you for sharing these joyful photos/video. How very brave of you to take her into your very home. They are quite naughty and hyperactive and I admire your undertaking.

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