David Zinn’s New Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

David Zinn‘s New Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

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Michigan illustrator David Zinn continues to illuminate the streets of Ann Arbor with his chalk drawings since 1987.
The artist works with chalk or charcoal to create works specific to the site that usually incorporates surrounding features such as cracks, street infrastructure, or found objects. Over the years, he has developed a particular universe of recurring characters including a bright green monster named Sluggo and a phlegmatic flying pig named Philomène.

Many works of art by David Zinn are available in prints, and he has recently published a new book entitled: “Temporary Preserves”.

via Street Art Utopia 

9 thoughts on “David Zinn’s New Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

  1. Anonymous

    What a treat to find these as you walk along a sidewalk! Or maybe a fright if you run into that dragon!


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