Audacious Face Ornaments by Joann Tan


Audacious Face Ornaments by Joann Tan 

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It is to better denounce the drifts of the cosmetic surgery and go against the current of the canons of beauty that the Malaysian Joann Tan launched its collection « Not Your Average Beauty ». From unique pieces to strange beauty. To better sublimate the reliefs of each face. Graceful and delicate jewelry, halfway between tribal ornaments and surgical splints …. Definitely more refined than a passage on billiards, right?

h/t:  Carton Magazine

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If you leave a comment: the weird work of artists deserves respect. Even if it disturbs you or surprises you, refrain from any opinion, if you are not a connoisseur in the arts. Please, keep your prejudices, misinterpretations or non-constructive remarks, as well as that a narrow mind or manichaean. Opt for an objective analysis of the artwork and an understanding of the author's intentions. @Scopic Impulse

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