Existentialist Text Messages Juxtaposed on Paintings by April Eileen Henry



Existentialist Text Messages Juxtaposed on Paintings by April Eileen Henry


Texts From Your Existentialist is an initiative of April Eileen Henry who wanted to converge art and modern existentialist thoughts shaped like text messages. Fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, her Instagram account is full of paintings by Lucian Freud, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Gustav Klimt, Picasso, Francesco Hayez, Edward Hopper, John William Godward, Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch and John Waterhouse, filled by nihilistic, funny and profound quotes. *

As the artist says, her aim is “to bring more messages that speak to the pity party line and the seldom spoken sadnesses of life, rather than the alienating positive messages that pervade the internet today.”

Source: ufunk

4 thoughts on “Existentialist Text Messages Juxtaposed on Paintings by April Eileen Henry

  1. Very good.
    Maybe too philosophical.
    Check something called “Revised Hierogliphics” or “Mirada estrábica al arte” in malafe.blog…
    Not so good, but no so serious.


  2. Interesting. I’m not sure I agree that there is an abundance of “alienating positive messages that pervade the internet today.” Maybe she’s being sarcastic? I don’t know. I appreciate acknowledging the human condition which is some of what I take from this work. And I can appreciate the beautiful art that helps the artist make her point even though I don’t agree with it.


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