Opening_HR_053-1024x682tumblr_np9le1KESJ1rlaql2o1_1280larger“Carpet vandalist” and installation artist Faig AhmedAida-Mahmudova-Faig-Ahmed-Louise-Blouin-Pelham-2015-JPG_4-1024x682faberge-big-egg-hunt-designboom-05Photo-7-2Photo-21-2Mostra alla Galleria di Montororugs-8Photo-2-2Photo-18-2Photo-17-2Photo-16-2

Faig Ahmed’s Glitchy, Distorted Rugs Destroy The Stereotypes Of Eastern Tradition

“Carpet vandalist” and installation artist Faig Ahmed is from and based out of Baku, Azerbaijan. Taking one of the most iconic symbols of the East, the Persian rug, he changes its traditional form to a more modern contemporary style.

Intricately patterned rugs glitch and pixelate in the fascinating fibrous constellations of Faig Ahmed. When you first see’s work, it’s hard to understand what you’re looking at. The carpets look digitally rendered, as if a cheeky developer plugged data points emulating ancient tapestries into a software program and then scrambled the results. But although they look like computer-generated creations, Ahmed’s intricate artworks are actually entirely woven by hand. It’s a stark contrast between ancient carpet-weaving techniques from his native country of Azerbaijan and aggressively contemporary ideas of digital manipulation, pixelation, and distortion.

h/t: Creators /emptykingdom

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