Psychedelic geode-like sculptures by Laura Moriarty


All images and art are copyright of Laura Moriarty. Photographs used with permission.

Psychedelic geode-like sculptures by Laura Moriarty

New York-based visual artist Laura Moriarty has an unusual use for beeswax, and it’s not for lip balm or candles. Rather, the self-taught artist dyes and melts beeswax to make brilliant geode-like sculptures. These highly pigmented beeswax artworks are so colorful and vibrant that they give off a psychedelic, Alice-in-Wonderland feel.

Moriarty’s intricate sculptures express the passage of time through layers. The beeswax is repeatedly heated and cooled to create the desired shapes and patterns, a process inspired by the formation of the earth’s crust. “Taking poetic license with geology, I compare processes of the studio with processes of the earth,” writes Moriarty in her artist’s statement. “Layers of color form the strata of a methodology in which the immediacy of the hand can translate a sense of deep time. Working and reworking molten, richly pigmented beeswax, I build each painting/object through a slow, simple yet strenuous physical engagement, which often becomes a metaphor for the ephemerality of life and civilization.”

Moriarty’s work  on Artspace and Instagram.

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