Dream-Like Women Portraits by Ikenaga Yasunari

Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-8Tomorrows-memory
Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-10
Candle-and-mermaidIkenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-3Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-24Ikenaga-Yasunari2ikenaga-yasunari-2507Ikenaga-Yasunari-____-TuttArt@-70池永康晟(Ikenaga Yasunari)-www.kaifineart.com-2Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-5
Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-1
池永康晟(Ikenaga Yasunari)-www.kaifineart.com-3
Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-9
Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-5Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-4Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-11Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-10Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-6Ikenaga Yasunari(池永康晟)-カイ-2
Живопись_Икенага-Ясунари_02a25006851f3be120a947d19ad9a1f1323000-daysikenaga-yasunari-Tomorrow池永康晟(Ikenaga Yasunari)-www.kaifineart.com-8

Dream-Like Women Portraits by Ikenaga Yasunari

Ikenaga Yasunari is a 1965-born Japanese artist. His paintings depict beautiful women, whose expressions and postures suggest a dreamy atmosphere.

Ikenaga’s paintings also showcase exquisite textile pattern designs. His subjects are always women of modern times, but at the same time, the Nihonga painting style reflects ancient Japanese traditions, which gives his works a timeless feel. He creates his art by dropping Japanese paints into the canvas that he calls “linen cloth”, with a Menso brush. The women he depict are innocent yet perform a certain sexual attraction out of his pursuit of aesthetic values.

Source: beautifuldecay

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