The beautiful embroidered tree leaves by Hillary Fayle

New Delicately Embroidered Leaves Tree leaves by Hillary Fayle

Artist Hillary Fayle, who is currently working on a master’s degree in Craft Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., Is creating some surprising sewn sheets. We have already seen many artists working with leaf cuttings, but this aspect of plant embroidery is unique.

« I use found botanical material such as leaves, seedpods and feathers to explore human connection to the natural world. By combining these organic objects with traditional craft techniques, I bind nature and the human touch. Cultivating a consciousness about respecting nature and our natural resources has become incredibly important to me in my life and in my art.

There is so much to be said for the beauty of simplicity. When I make art, I strive to let the materials speak for themselves; sing their own praise. The natural objects I use catch my eye or my heart because they are already exquisite and unique. In transforming these objects, I’m always trying to augment and interact with the details I find most essential, never overpowering them. I’m just using what I know and applying it to the materials that make the most sense to me. It’s not complicated; just a needle and thread, or a knife and cutting mat, whatever is at hand, really. The bruised leaf series is totally new, and I love the ephemeral quality of working with fresh ginkgo leaves, it’s something I can only do once a year, when the leaves are just right. »




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