3000 Years Of Women’s Beauty Standards Compressed In 3-Minute Video



Ancient Egypt (c. 1292-1069 B.C.)


– Slender
– Narrow shoulders
– High waist
– Symmetrical face

Ancient Greece (c. 500-300 B.C.)women-ideal-body-type-history-beauty-standards-video-9

– Plump
– Full-bodied
– Light skin
– Women were considered “disfigured” versions of men

Han Dynasty (c. 206 B.C.-220 A.D.)

women-ideal-body-type-history-beauty-standards-video-8Slim waist
– Pale skin
– Large eyes
– Small feet

Italian Renaissance (c. 1400-1700)


– Ample bosom
– Rounded stomach
– Full hips
– Fair skin

Victorian England (c. 1837-1901)


– Desirably plump
– Full-figured
– Cinched waist
– Women wore corsets to achieve the ideal body shape

Roaring Twenties (c. 1920s)


– Flat-chested
– Downplayed waist
– Short bob hairstyle
– Boyish figure

Golden Age Of Hollywood (c. 1930s – 1950s)


– Hourglass figure
– Large breasts
– Slim waist

Swinging Sixties (c. 1960s)


– Willowy
– Thin
– Long, slim legs
– Adolescent physique

Supermodel Era (c. 1980s)


– Athletic
– Svelte, but curvy
– Tall
– Toned arms

Heroin Chic (c. 1990s)

– Waifish
– Extremely thin
– Translucent skin
– Androgynous

Postmodern Beauty (c. 2000s-Today)women-ideal-body-type-history-beauty-standards-video-1

– Flat stomach
– “Healthy” skinny
– Large breasts and butt
– Thigh gap

– Women regularly get plastic surgery to achieve their desired look

3,000 Years Of Women’s Beauty Standards Compressed In 3-Minute Vide

It can be hard for us to imagine how much the concept of the ideal feminine body has changed throughout human history, which is why this 3-minute video by Buzzfeed is so interesting. It shows how feminine body ideals have looked and evolved over the past 3,000 years.

In the video, modern models of different shapes and sizes show off their bodies to demonstrate the ideal figures of ages and decades past, and all are tightly covered with identical blank white bathing suits. Women have faced exacting beauty standards for ages, and many have had to struggle to meet them. The body images portrayed range from Ancient Egypt to the Golden Age of Hollywood to the Heroin Chic of the sweet 90s. What do you think the next body-image fad will be?

More:Youtube (h/t: boredpanda)

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