New Handmade Lagoon Tables Made From Resin And Cut Travertine Marble

exquisite-lagoon-tables-alexandre-chapelin-11exquisite-lagoon-tables-alexandre-chapelin-1exquisite-lagoon-tables-alexandre-chapelin-9exquisite-lagoon-tables-alexandre-chapelin-10lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble-2__880exquisite-lagoon-tables-alexandre-chapelin-7lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble__880lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble-6__880lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble-9__880lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble-7__880lagoon-tables-that-i-create-by-merging-resin-with-cut-travertine-marble-10__880New Handmade Lagoon Tables Made From Resin And Cut Travertine Marble


Designer Alexander Chapelin has created these stunning tables made out of marble, resin and wood. He’s combined the materials to emulate a topographical image of an imagined ocean. Multiple layers create a translucent effect with hues of dark blue, aquamarine and more.

(h/t: hypebeast)



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