Neon photography by Neil Kryszak

streets nigth, fluo, flow-art-station, los angeles, photography, neon, surreal, asthetic, colors, nostalgy, magentaIMG_9753_qbyhsoNeil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_11-1200x900tumblr_ooved6k2pX1qa4iv8o7_1280tumblr_ooved6k2pX1qa4iv8o6_1280tumblr_ooved6k2pX1qa4iv8o2_1280Neil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_081eaa1e5a384a8e519499caba6cd18d06dbda6800b319a7517464a0940443a45aNeil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_05Kryszak6Kryszak3Neil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_07Neil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_09eacbbc4691f46bbad0c9bf1031e7d2d8Neil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_03Neil_Kryszak_For_Ignant_06

Neon photography by Neil Kryszak

Electronic music composer, producer, drummer and photographer Neil Kryszak believes that all art forms can communicate beautiful aesthetic values, as long as they are visually or audibly pleasing.

After moving to Los Angeles, he began focusing on photography, inspired by the new surroundings and lifestyle. His pictures are characterized by surreal and exotic aesthetics, showing reflections of multicolored lights saturating the streets, architecture and the distant scenery, all fading into black. Led by intuition and trust, the instantaneous creative release and the ability to provoke through a frozen moment attracted Neil to photography. Especially the night time is very meditative to the artist. When it’s calm, there is a lot to imagine and to work with creatively, intrigued by adventure and mystery. Characterized by experimental and psychedelic art styles, the pictures also feature a 70s, 80s and 90s nostalgia.

h/t: iGNANT






5 réflexions sur “Neon photography by Neil Kryszak

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