Intricate Fruit & Vegetable Carvings by Japanese Artist Gaku

vegeatable, carved, intricate, food art, flowartstation,gaku-fruit-art-3gaku-fruit-art-4-1gaku-fruit-art-6food-carving-gaku-39-58bd12541dccb__700gaku-5 - Copiefruit-art-gaku-1gaku-4 - Copie2n4X44Y - Copiegaku-7 - Copieeggplantcarve - Copiegaku-012ms4zGb - Copie2ms1uWC2mspyIT - Copiegaku-032msdZkS - Copie (2)2n56vldgaku-2 - Copiegaku-fruit-art-7gaku-10 Intricate Fruit & Vegetable Carvings by Japanese Artist Gaku


This type of food carving is popular in fancy restaurants in China and Japan but Gaku takes it to another level. The lattice patterns he carves on broccoli, apples, carrots etc. using a tool similar to an x-acto knife are inspired by traditional Japanese motifs and you have to have a steady hand to do this type of work. Then again, if you make a mistake, you can always eat the food item. One constraint of doing this type of carving is you have to work fast as a fruit or vegetable starts to oxidize once the peel is removed.

h/t:  Faith is Torment




10 réflexions sur “Intricate Fruit & Vegetable Carvings by Japanese Artist Gaku

    1. Yes thank you mitchteemley, we like these works also! It’s exciting. Come with us and you will see other articles on different topics, just as amazing!
      FLOWARTSTATION (new title)


    1. Yes, Leslie. Art has no limits! I know how long I’ve been watching artists, I’m always so eerie and intrigued. An art of infinite love for me! That will never bother me. Something futile, but so precious at the same time, in our world.

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